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Work Type:
Laravel, Bootstrap, GIT
Multilingual micromanager, Responsive, Changeable themes


Multilingual interface, Responsive theme, Mobile First Design, User friendly content management, Simple configuration, Changeable themes

Active Modules: Dashboard, Forms catalog, Document registry, Project FollowUps, Billing

Future upgrades: Company and personnel contacts with interactive map, Billing, Basic accounting


The jTools project is a mini-ERP tailor-made for small businesses. A project follow-up module is combined with a registry and document management component.

It is an online solution with modular construction, but also it can be deployed as single installation. Version 3 is rewritten from scratch using different technology.

This application is suitable for personal use and also for small teams/companies. The basic idea behind this cloud based platform is to help in manage multiple projects. For example selling an industrial equipment involves a lot of mailings, phone conversations, meetings and can easily last for several months. The Project FollowUp module will help you to keep track of events (by adding history to the project) and to plan further steps (by adding reminders to the project). Also you can use the Registry Module to keep track of your documents, like quotation, orders, contracts, etc ...

Things will get complicated when you have to keep track of around 10 projects. With this little aid you can check what you have to do today while having  your morning coffee ...