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Work Type:
Office Tool
3D, LaserCut, CGS x7
Magnetic, ECO, Practical, Handy


Simple to use

Office desk accessory

Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 16 cm

Number of cards: 5

Card dimensions: 15 x 5 cm

Different colors on the sides of the cards: white and yellow

Occupies only a small space on your desk

Available with whiteboard markers and eraser

Practical and handy

Eco - reusable notes


Office MagNotes, or Magnetic Notes is a simple, reusable replacement for the traditional post it notes. Using a whiteboard marker you can write your notes on the magnetic card and when you fulfilled this task just erase it and reuse the card for another task. It will not fall of as it sticks safely on the plate.

It consists of a 10 cm wide metallic plate board standing on a wooden base and several magnetic cards. The board is covered with printable foil; therefore it can be easily personalized. The base is assembled from a laser cut 5 mm wooden plate.

The magnetic cards are covered with special foil. You can write on its both sides with a whiteboard marker and then cleaned with the magnetic eraser. The sides have different colors to let you emphasize priorities.

The 15 cm long and 5 cm wide magnetic cards fit perfectly in your hands. Thanks to its 2 mm thickness it can be easily picked up from the desk.